PsiBATT (v1.10 - 08. November 2002)

PsiBatt tracks the battery usage, shows it as a diagram on screen.

Download: (19 kB) PsiBATT.sis (46 kB)


With ROM Version 1.00 the auto-shutdown function will be disabled if you set the update time bigger than the standby time of your S5. With ROM >= Version 1.01 it works fine!

PsiBATT update time set to 120 sec. and auto-shutdown time set to 1 min. (= 60 sec.). This will prevent the S5 to shutdown automatically.

* scrollable diagram width, up to 57h
* adjustable update interval (1sec. to 3min.)
* adjustable alarm in 0.1V steps
* alarm can pop into foreground
* supports the toolbar, menu, pen events, and key events

* PsiBATT is designed to run on the S7/Netbook too
* Diagrams can be saved and reloaded to compare between each other
* PsiWin can restart PsiBATT after a backup
* PsiBATT comes in a SIS file with all OPX files

Screenshots: Netbook

Supports (EPOC ER3, ER5):
* S5 Classic
* Serie 5mx
* NetBook / S7